Buddha Babies, our fall early
childhood education class, is accepting applications for two year olds. We meet 9am-12pm, Monday and Wednesday. Need-based financial assistance available  

See inside the classroom!IMG_0010

We are now offering financial assitance to those who could not otherwise afford the program. We believe good early childhood education should be accessible to everyone. Write us to inquire.

Email us to start your application process!

Buddha Babies is a play and mindfulness-based learning classroom where young children can explore and grow. We offer a gentle transition into a classroom setting by offering part-time care, small class size, and respectful, compassionate communication. By creating a peaceful, playful space, rich with imaginative materials, the teachers main interests are in:

  • supporting young children’s natural curiosity and delight in the world;
  • help children develop a strong love for learning and a sense of their own capacity to learn;
  • supporting young children’s budding social and emotional skills as they learn about friendship, communication, navigating their own emotions and those of others, and more; and
  • encouraging children to follow their own interests and to give them every opportunity to develop the vast range of their imaginations, which we believe is essential to a fulfilling life.

The program is directed and taught by a teacher with extensive experience with young children, a graduate degree in early childhood education, a love for poetry and storytelling, and a strong mindfulness practice. Learn more here.

“I believe that one of the most deeply human, and humane, of [the human] faculties is the power of the imagination: so that it is our pleasant duty, as librarians, or 37782790_1048701211964321_3105447803833286656_n (1)teachers, or parents, or writers, or simply as grownups, to encourage that faculty of imagination in our children, to encourage it to grow freely, to flourish like the green bay tree, by giving it the best, absolutely the best and purest, nourishment that it can absorb. And never, under any circumstances, to squelch it, or sneer at it, or imply that it is childish, or unmanly, or untrue.”
-Ursula K. Le Guin (1993)