Play and School Readiness

Play is the work of the child
-Maria Montessori

Play is what children do best

Children arrive in this world knowing how to learn. They learn to talk and walk without being taught. Even before they are speaking, they know how to investigate and experiment with the world, learning in every moment.  All of this learning happens through play. Play is what young children do best and is the most natural and effective way for them to learn.

What do children learn through play? 

Research and best practices tell us that play is central to young children’s develop of communication skills, social competency, narrative development, flexibility in thinking, self-initiative, and emergent literacy skills, to name just a few. Click here to learn more in the the National Association for the Education of Young Children family guide to the importance of play.

But will play prepare my child for the rigor of school?

Yes! When play is supported by a teacher who knows how to integrate early math and literacy skills into the play, children not only establish life skills and a love for learning, they also establish the foundation for later academic success. Buddha Babies’ curriculum provides a gentle introduction to some of the routines and rituals that will be asked of your child in kindergarten, while still supporting their curiousity, learning, and joy through play.